Wednesday, February 18, 2015

English Language Arts Lessons – “Dystopian Novel Teaching Ideas”

Dystopian Novel Teaching Ideas
Good can come from dystopian cultures, well, from the study of dystopian novels, anyway. This 10-page product for Middle and High School ELA teachers, Dystopian Novels Generate a Teacher Utopia
16+ Teaching Ideas offers 16+ lessons for the study of dystopian books.

Although the directions and descriptions for each lesson reference Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World," I use these details to add clarification- and to offer more lessons for my Brave New World" Unit Plan, which was my initial goal.  When I realized the universality of these newly created lessons, I decided to offer suggestions on how teachers could adapt these activities to fit any dystopian novel - or any novel - for that matter.

Issues, Issues, These are the IssuesAfter detailing 3 Novel Preview Lesson Ideas, this packet includes 12 lessons that will develop the topic, "Novel Study Lesson Ideas: Exploring the Elements of Literature."  For the lesson on Setting, I even developed a handout with two activities for Issues, Issues, These are the Issues.

Under the Extended Study- And Then There was More  heading, I suggest 16 utopian/dystopian novels -some classics taught in many schools- for independent reading, small group or whole class study. Next, teachers will find links to two products that tie into the study of dystopian literature and propaganda: Writing and Thinking Activity-Unconventional Inventions$) and Thinking/Writing Activities 'Utopian and Dystopian Society Novel Projects’$).

As a plug for all of my TpT Seller colleagues, I follow these suggestions by mentioning that ELA teachers will find lessons, activities and unit plans for 12 out of the 16 novels that I name here on TpT. I hope that this mention will send you all some sales!

Teacher Notes
I close the packet with a Parent Permission Slip since many of these novels reveal controversial issues and may be restricted in some school districts for various reasons. As with the majority of my products, I include a detailed Teacher Notes page complete with CSS Anchor Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy suggestions.

Download this packet with enough Common Core and Bloom’s Taxonomy aligned activities to fill more than a month of lessons from ($).

Many teens and preteens love reading dystopian literature. These lessons will engage them and will hook those students who need a lift onto the I Love Reading Express.

Happy Teaching,