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English Language Arts Lessons - "FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic"

February Flair Blog Blast

If April is the "cruelest month" as William Shakespeare said, then February is the most exasperating. Dawn might slide out from behind clouds at a chilly 34 degrees, warm to a brisk temperature of 52 by two in the afternoon, but then plummet to the frigid mark of 20  on the forehead of a Polar Vortex by midnight. Once, yet again, a wintry mix is forecast for much of the nation.

Teachers toss and turn throughout the night, wondering how to adapt yet another lesson plan to fit their school district's possible Inclement Weather Decree at 5:00 A.M.

Fret no more, my classroom colleagues because this FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic has you covered for the next 28 days- and probably through March- with over four dozen activities, 3 novel unit plans  (each  one with 10-14 activities plus projects), 2 PowerPoints and even Bulletin Board ideas.

Check out this list of English Language Arts Lessons – FEBRUARY FLAIR Acrostic
* Lesson is FREE.   The others are priced.

February Frenzy- Fabulous Five Packet      To start the month with a bang and not a whimper - thank you for your words T.S. Eliot (The Hollow Men), the February Frenzy - Fabulous Five Packet offers 5 activities but dozens of writing topics!  

Each of these activities will rouse students from the gray days of this month  and encourage them to develop reading comprehension, writing and higher level thinking skills.

What is Included?
Reading Comprehension
1. This is What I’m Hungry For! offers students 30 elements of literature discussion and writing topics to coordinate with the text that they are studying.
2. Friend or Foe? For this activity, each student chooses which character in the story he/she would befriend on a social media site as well as the one he/she would ignore.
Writing and Higher Level Thinking Skills
1. In the Then and Now Prewriting Activity, students explore their memory banks to fill in the information to show the person each one was at age six. After that, evaluate the person each one is now.
2. For the Playing With Color Worksheet, students fill in the given categories as specifically as possible for the color marker each one is given. 
3. With Brain Bumps:Twenty Writing Suggestions to End Idea Vacuums, students should use these suggestions to bounce their brain into inspiration mode when they are stuck in an idea vacuum.

Teachers, you choose when each of these activities, unit plans and PowerPoints will enhance your lesson content and will develop reading comprehension as well as writing and higher level thinking skills. Use them to encourage students to exhibit their range of thinking skills from knowledge through evaluation, both orally and in writing. 

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