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On this page, readers will find links to all of my Middle School and High School literature lesson plans, unit plans, PowerPoints and activities for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Note: For some of the novel study unit plans, I offer single activities, i.e. tests, essay topics, because at times, that's all a teacher wants to buy. Be aware of the fact that these separate components are also a part of the complete unit plan.
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1. Animal Farm (George Orwell) Products
A.  Animal Farm Unit Plan (2)
Middle and High School Unit Plan Animal FarmThis thought-provoking unit includes 15 handouts, covering the main elements of literature, background information on George Orwell, the Bolshevik Revolution, the allegorical elements regarding major Russian leaders of this period in history, propaganda techniques, vocabulary, literary terms a 100 point test and much, much more. Handouts address the Common Core standards as well as Bloom's Taxonomy. This unit will definitely engage students and motivate them to not only comprehend, but also to enjoy studying this dystopian novella. ($12.95)
Animal Farm  George Orwell   Novel Unit Plan    Allegoric Novel  Fable  High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans
B. Animal Farm Literary Elements Test
This is a 50 point test that assesses student understanding of foreshadowing, irony, symbolism and theme as well as story-generated vocabulary. ($1.50)
Animal Farm  George Orwell   Allegoric Novel  High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans
C. Animal Farm Projects
This trio of projects covers students' basic reading comprehension through the analysis and synthesis stages. ($1.25)
Animal Farm  George Orwell   Allegoric Novel  High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans

2. Brave New World Products
A. Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan Brave New WorldThis 68-page plan is a Common Core standards based unit containing: time frame, day by day lessons, vocabulary, chapter by chapter study guide for discussion ideas, 40+ worksheets, assessments, group and individual projects and much, much more. Although buyers can purchase the final test separately on this site, this plan offers much more depth and clarity when bought as a complete unit.($19.95)
Brave New World   Dystopian Novel   Aldous Huxle  High School Lesson Plans
B. Brave New World Test
Brave New World Test 100 pts.
Listed below are a number of aspects of life that confront the United States today and the World State in Brave New World. For each issue: 1. State the problem (1 point), then give an example of how: 2. the World State resolved the issue (3 points), 3. a consensus of U.S. citizens would resolve the issue (3 points) and 4. you would resolve the issue (3 points). Be specific and give detailed examples from Brave New World. ($1.25)
Brave New World   Dystopian Novel   Aldous Huxle  High School Lesson Plans

3. The Canterbury Tales (Geoffrey Chaucer) Products
A. The Canterbury Tales Introduction Worksheets
High School The Canterbury Tales Activities
This product corresponds with the PowerPoint: The Canterbury Tales Introduction which will aid students' maximum understanding, but may be used separately. With these worksheets, students explore Chaucer, the who, what, where, when and why behind The Canterbury Tales, and the literary genres Chaucer used as well as various topics on the culture of the Middle Ages. After completing research, they present their findings in an oral presentation, accompanied by a visual that displays their details. Each student is assigned a pilgrim to flesh out on an included worksheet. Finally, they write a description of themselves using Chaucer's decasyllabic iambic pentameter. By the end of the presentations and writing, students will have a clearer understanding of the period, which will increase their understanding of The Canterbury Tales. ($3.00)
The Canterbury Tales   Geoffrey Chaucer  Lesson Plans Projects   Printables  High School Lesson Plans
B. The Canterbury Tales Projects
This posting contains two projects to conclude the study of The Canterbury Tales. The first is more creative and analytic, whereas the second one is much more interpretive and analytic. A rubric for the hardcopy project is included as is one for the oral presentation. ($2.00)
The Canterbury Tales   Geoffrey Chaucer  Lesson Plans Projects   Printables  High School Lesson Plans
C. The Canterbury Tales Prologue Worksheet
 This is a worksheet for students to fill out on each character in the prologue. Teachers can assign each student a character, so students complete only one chart, have each student complete one on each character or assign any combination. The second half of the sheet allows students to to extend their thinking to include parallel jobs from contemporary society. ($1.25)
The Canterbury Tales    Geoffrey Chaucer Lesson Plans Projects   Printables  High School Lesson Plans
D. The Canterbury Tales Prologue Quiz
This 60 point quiz includes student understanding of scops, their role in medieval society and student understanding of the characteristics of the following story genres: fable, allegory, lai, courtly romance, exemplum and fablieau. It includes an answer key.  ($1.25)
The Canterbury Tales    Geoffrey Chaucer Lesson Plans Projects   Printables  High School Lesson Plans
E. The Canterbury Tales Introductory PowerPoint
High School Lesson The Canterbury Tales Introductory PowerPoint
This 18-slide presentation offers the information presented in Chaucer's General Prologue like a travel agent might. Besides detailed information on the pilgrims, Medieval society class structure, literary genres and Chaucer, it includes a student worksheet, a writing assignment following Chaucer's iambic pentameter decasyllabic rhyming couplets format and a 30 point quiz with an answer key. It can be used as a separate entity or as an accompaniment to the Canterbury Tales Unit Plan I offer on this site. ($4.00)
The Canterbury Tales  GeoffreyChaucer  The Canterbury Tales PowerPoint High School Lesson Plans
F. The Nun's Priest's Tale PowerPoint
High School The Nun's Priest's Tale PowerPoint
This is a 14 slide presentation that includes: a summary of the story, satire literary terms, an explanation of the four Humors philosophy held by many in the Middle Ages, and an analysis of the story as well as its satiric elements. For extra credit fun, the conversations between the barnyard animals include lyrics from tunes spanning the 1950's to the present. Students can earn points for naming the tunes (or speakers). ($4.00)
The Canterbury Tales  GeoffreyChaucer  The Nun's Priest's Tale PowerPoint High School Lesson Plans

4. The Crucible (Arthur Miller) Products
A. The Crucible Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan The Crucible
This Common Core based unit plan is 53-pages. It contains day-by-day lesson plans, vocabulary, act-by-act study questions, 27 worksheets, as well as essay and project topics and a test with the answer key. Although buyers have the choice of purchasing the whole unit or the journal topics, mob mentality worksheet, study questions, test, essay topics and vocabulary list as separate entities, at 51 pages, the complete unit plan offers teachers a wealth of opportunities to enhance the students' understanding of the Salem witch-hunt and its impact on this country. ($19.95)
High School English lesson plans  Middle School English lesson plans  online lesson plans Arthur Miller
The Crucible
B. The Crucible Essay Topics
This product now offers students TEN topics to choose from so they can express their understanding of The Crucible in writing. Some of the topics ask students to research aspects and theories involving contemporary society, giving them an opportunity to analyze, evaluate and apply their knowledge. ($1.25)
The Crucible Essay Topics Arthur Miller  High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans   The Crucible Essay Topics
C. The Crucible Journal Assignment: Three Worksheets
This project offers three ideas for journal writing for The Crucible. Teachers can use just one, or a combination of the trio. For each worksheet, students have the chance to choose their grade for the assignment.
The Crucible Essay Topics Arthur Miller  High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans   The Crucible Journal Topics
C. The Crucible-Mob Mentality Worksheet
Revised 7/14/2011, this worksheet now has more clarity and depth and includes a great quote about mob mentality from Bart Simpson. It offers questions for the individual student and for groups of three. Although this was composed for the study of The Crucible, it can be used with any novel or short story where mob hysteria plays a crucial role.($2.00)
The Crucible  Arthur Miller  mob mentality   comparing and contrasting  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans
D. The Crucible Study Guide
This product consists of 80+ act by act comprehensive and analytic questions for the study of The Crucible. It also includes an answer key for teachers. ($3.00)
The Crucible  Arthur Miller  The Crucible Study Questions  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans
E. The Crucible Test
 Through a variety of questions, this product assesses students' comprehensive and analytic understanding of the play. ($2.00)
The Crucible  Arthur Miller  The Crucible Test   High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans
G. The Crucible - Additional Comprehension & Writing Activities
High School The Crucible Comprehension Activities
No matter how much we love our activities for a literature study, sometimes we crave more lessons to engage our high school students. This 14-page packet, The Crucible - Additional Comprehension & Writing Activities, offers six more activities you can add to your repertoire. Engage your high school students and give yourself the gift of time with these six lessons for Arthur Miller's The Crucible. ($5.00)

5. Friday Night Lights (H.G. Bissinger) Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan Friday Night Lights
This complete unit plan, includes: Common Core standards,grade level, time frame, assessments, and detailed daily plans as well as writing journal openers, chapter by chapter discussion questions, a project, review sheet and a test. Ten worksheet handouts go hand in hand with the lessons and follow Bloom's Taxonomy. Reading this book along with viewing the movie is sure to generate some terrific analytic discussions. ($9.95)
Friday Night Lights  Friday Night Lights Unit Plan H.G. Bissinger High School English Lesson Plans  Middle School English Lesson Plans

6. The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald) Products

A. The Great Gatsby Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan The Great Gatsby
This unit is 54 pages of engaging and thought-provoking activities. Like all of my other units, it offers Common Core standards, a time frame for a 90-minute block and for 55-minute periods. Handouts and activities include: daily lessons, 25 Introduction to The Great Gatsby research topics, 27 worksheets, journal, essay and exit topics, assessments and projects (Whole Class, small group and individual). The lessons and activities in this dynamite unit are sure to motivate students to jump into F. Scott Fitzgerald's Roaring '20s world on Long Island's North Shore. This is a must read to coordinate with the new Gatsby movie opening in May 2013. ($19.95)
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans Online Lesson Plans
B. The Great Gatsby Newspaper Project
For this project, students divide into sections of the newspaper(News, Editorials, Style, Sports, etc) and write articles based on the people, places and situations in The Great Gatsby. Articles must be fact-based, but can be sprinkled liberally with some literary license ideas. The newspapers must show a detailed understanding of the novel. ($2.50)
 he Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans Online Lesson Plans
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans Online Lesson Plans
C. The Great Gatsby Points to Ponder
Points to Ponder from The Great Gatsby
These points, organized chapter by chapter, form the basis for class discussions and lead to other points for students to interpret and analyze. They also form the bulk of the end of the book test. Students are to take notes during the discussions.($1.50)
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald  High School English Lesson Plans Middle School English Lesson Plans Online Lesson Plans

7. I Am The Messenger (Markus Zusak) Products
A. I Am The Messenger (Markus Zusak) Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan I Am The Messenger
When I first read this novel, it was because a colleague mentioned that her students loved it, so I thought that I'd try it with my seniors. They fell in love with it, and so did I. Markus Zusak's message resonated with all of us and has with all of my classes since the first one gobbled it up. Zusak's ability to make word pictures is incredible. The world he presents could be any place inhabited by teenagers who question who they are and what their lives mean: to themselves and to those around them.  The thoughts, discussions and ideas these handouts, essays, projects and games generated far exceeded my expectations, and they will yours.
With Bloom's Taxonomy and the Common Core standards supporting me, I created a product that will address any issue that teachers might encounter. Zusak wanted Ed to Pay it Forward. With this unit, I hope to do the same for you, my colleagues. Pay it forward with your students and reap the rewards of a motivated, energized and thinking-inspired classroom. This 83-page unit includes handouts for many elements of literature, study questions, writing topics, projects (for those who are technology savvy and those who show their creativity in other ways), class presentations, evaluations ,games and answer keys. ($22.95)
I Am The Messenger   Markus Zuzak  High School English lesson plans Middle School  English Lesson Plans online lesson plans 
B. I Am The Messenger PowerPoint
High School Unit Plan I Am The Messenger PowerPoint
This ten side Power Point can accompany Markus Zusak's award winning novel. It uses the elements of literature to explore, analyze, discuss and write about the characters, events, themes and setting depicted in the book. The information on the slides can be used for whole class or small group discussions, or can be assigned for individual student projects. The flexibility inherent in the material on the slides, allows teachers the option of adapting it to the comprehension levels as well as the thinking and writing needs of their students. ($4.00)
I Am The Messenger   Markus Zuzak  High School English lesson plans Middle School  English Lesson Plans online lesson plans  I Am The Messenger PowerPoint

8. Into the Wild Products
High School Unit Plan Into the Wild Unit Plan
A. Into the Wild Unit Plan
This 33-page packet includes detailed teaching plans (with numerous urls to enhance your lessons) and 14 handouts. All of the handouts and teaching ideas are aligned with the Common Core Standards. I also include a sample daily lesson guide, more essay topics and a good deal of expository and creative writing activities (ten short answer questions, ten essay topics and six projects) that will hook students' interest, engage their thinking and increase their writing skills. You can buy a separate ITW PowerPoint presentation on this site. Buyers can purchase this whole unit, or may buy the openers and test separately. ($12.95)
Into the Wild Jon Krakauer high school english lesson plans middle school english lesson plans online lesson plans
B. Into the Wild PowerPoint
This 16 slide PowerPoint compliments my Into the Wild Unit Plan, also sold on this site. The presentation includes summaries and notes on the people, places and inspirations in Chris McCandless's life, and illustrates his philosophies, exploits and the issues that lead to his abandonment of his family.  ($4.00)
C. Into the Wild Test
This 75 point tests students' comprehension of people and places in the book as well as their ability to analyze various concepts, ideas and themes the author presents. ($1.25)
D. Into the Wild Openers
I use openers to start the class, allowing me to take roll, etc. These ten-minute short writings show me what students understand about the previous night's reading. They also give students daily writing practice. ($1.25)

9. The Metamorphosis Products
A. The Metamorphosis Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan The Metamorphosis
This 42-page unit plan is based on Common Core objectives and offers: A day-by-day teacher agenda,daily warm-up topics, a literary devices vocabulary list, part-by-part study questions, essay topics with a prewriting outline, 23 printable worksheets to reinforce character, conflict, plot, setting, theme, symbols, point of view and more, a novel review project, individual projects, a short answer quiz format, a closure exit slip and a final test with an answer key. Teachers can buy the openers and essay topics separately, also. A 10-slide The Metamorphosis PowerPoint that coincides with this unit is sold separately on this site. ($19.95)
B. The Metamorphosis PowerPoint
This ten-slide PowerPoint offers a visual preview of the literary elements, literary terms and surrealistic undertones of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. The slides also offer students a chance to practice heir note-taking skills. ($4.00)
C. The Metamorphosis Openers
Here are five openers (warm-ups) for students to show their understanding of Franz Kafka's, The Metamorphosis. (Free)
D. The Metamorphosis 
Here are six essay topics for Franz Kafka's, The Metamorphosis. ($1.00)

10. Night (Elie Wiesel) Products
A. Night (Elie Wiesel) Unit Plan 
High School Unit Plan Night (Elie Wiesel)
Throughout history, humans have shown their ability to be inhumane. If contemporary adolescents are to learn about and gain an understanding about the physical, emotional and spiritual affects of this cruelty, Night by Elie Wiesel is a good starting platform. This 35-page unit engages the students on an emotional level and pushes them to think and analyze through thought-provoking discussions and writings. Also, this detailed unit studies some of the people and philosophies of the Third Reich as well as explores the power of propaganda. Aligned with the Common Core principles, it has over 18 handouts, chapter by chapter study questions, essay topics, projects, three quizzes and a final test. Buyers can purchase this extensive unit or buy just the test, chapter questions and chapter quizzes separately. ($19.95)
high school english lesson plans middle school english lesson plans online lesson plans Holocaust Elie Wiesel
B. Night Study Questions
This item offers 70 comprehensive and analytic questions on Night as well as the Preface and Forward. ($3.00)
C. Night  Quizzes and Test
This posting offers a set of four quizzes: one on WWII people, places and terms, and one each on Chapters 3&4, 5&6 and 8&9 and a 100 point assessment on the whole book. Answer keys are included. (3.00)

11. The Odyssey Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan The Odyssey This analytical and creative 37 page unit plan is aligned with Common Core Standards. After using all of the 14 handouts, the group project, the individual project,and the Comparing Books and Movies worksheet students will have addressed the different Bloom's Taxonomy categories. My Ten Sentence Quiz format and a comprehensive 100 point final test (True and False, multiple choice: characters, plot, themes, vocabulary) and short answers are also included. The first few pages of this product gives teachers detailed day-by-day plans. Take your students on an odyssey with The Odyssey Unit Plan. ($15.95)
Lesson Plans odyssey epic language arts literary elements Reading Comprehension symbols theme vocabulary analytic essay

12. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Products
A. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
This 32-page unit plan has 13 handouts, group and individual projects, ten essay topics and much, much more. The plan, detailed, developed and revised for clarity, thoroughness and creativity is aligned with the Common Core principles and Bloom's Taxonomy. It offers a wealth of material for teachers and students to fully analyze this incredible book. ($15.95)
high school english lesson plans middle school english lesson plans online lesson plans
B. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Discussion Questions
Here are 90 discussion questions for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Together,they address all of the strands of Bloom's Taxonomy and require thinking skills from factual responses to analytic. ($2.00)
C. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Projects
These project options were updated on 7/25/2011. They offer a much more diverse list that, together, will meet the needs of any type of learner. ($1.50)

13. Othello Products
A. Othello Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan Othello
This Othello unit plan now includes 16 worksheets on the elements of literature in addition to activity sheets on the major issues (gender, class, ethnicity, dignity and age)in this play. It offers the Common Core Standards that are covered in these lessons. The variety of material also addresses all areas of the Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills hierarchy chart. Extensive Teacher Notes, daily lessons with suggestions for activities to select, handouts on the Elements of Drama and tragedy, projects and a test with an answer key are included. This 39-page posting is quite comprehensive, offering activities for a wide variety of student critical and analytic thinking/reasoning skills for reading, speaking and writing. It contains all of the Othello items that are listed separately and much more. I did this because some teachers want a complete unit with teaching details, and others want a only a project or assessment. Whichever you choose, enjoy. ($12.95)
Othello Unit Plan Common Core Standards Shakespeare
B.Translating Othello Project
In this project, students translate a monologue, dialogue or soliloquy from Othello into contemporary language and syntax without losing the meaning of the speech. Teachers can use this idea for any Shakespearean play by choosing the parts to be presented from that play. This offering includes: 26 speeches from the play, Teacher Notes, an Essay Rubric and a Translation/Presentation Rubric. ($1.50)
C. Othello: Worksheets and Group Projects
This 9-page packet offers:
1. 15 Elements of Drama and Tragedy Vocabulary terms
2. a Contemporary Othello Project, and
3. 5 worksheets:
a. Issues
b. Dignity
c. Jealousy
d. Brawls, and
e. The End.
Whether used separately or together, each one aids the students' understanding of this tragedy and helps them to relate the issues to their lives. Based on Common Core principles and Bloom's Taxonomy, thes worksheets help students to comprehend, to analyze, and to discuss the play. ($3.00)
D. Othello Project
This assignment offers students 10 visual project ideas to choose from to show their understanding of the play, OTHELLO. By the time they have completed both the visual and the analytic writing segments, they will have addressed each aspect of Bloom's Taxonomy: Evaluation, Synthesis, Analysis, Application, Comprehension and Knowledge. The student evaluation aspect allows third quarter seniors to evaluate the projects following a set criteria. The project includes a rubric for students' evaluations and a rubric for teacher evaluations. ($2.00)

14. The Stranger Products
A. The Stranger Unit Plan
High School Unit PlanThe Stranger  Aligned with the Common Core principles, this 67-page unit has been detailed and developed for clarity, depth, comprehension and analysis. It includes 49 handouts, day-by-day lessons with 4 pages of Teacher Notes on Existentialism, Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and more. Three types of essay assignments, one class project, nine individual projects, five quizzes and one test (all with an answer key) round out the packet. A coordinating POWERPOINT 12-slide presentation can also be found on this site. It is titled, The Stranger PowerPoint. Also, teachers can buy material for a Camus/Existentialism bulletin board to use during the novel study. ($22.95)
Camus The Stranger Unit Plan existentialism
high school english lesson plans middle school english lesson plans online lesson plans
B. The Stranger Dialogue Writing Assignment
This writing assignment shows atudents' ability to analyze characters and their beliefs and motivations, from two pieces of literature, one being Camus' The Stranger, and the other a character from another book read in class during the year. Also, I show Dead Man Walking after a study of the book because of the existential traits of both Meursault and Matthew Poncelet, so students may choose him if they desire. This assignment reveals students' understanding of dialogue format,a necessary writing skill. After students write their rough drafts, they bring them to class the next day for peer review, and then complete the final draft that night for homework. ($1.25)
C. The Stranger PowerPoint
This is a 12-slide PowerPoint on the novel, The Stranger, Albert Camus, Existentialism, The Myth of Sisyphus and more. I created it to integrate with the introductory and follow-up discussions in my Unit Plan: The Stranger, also sold on this site. ($4.00)
D. The Stranger -  Bulletin Board
Albert Camus-The Stranger Bulletin Board
Albert Camus and his novel,"The Stranger", will be strangers no more after teachers use this packet, "The Stranger - Bulletin Board", in coordination with their high school students' study of this existential novel. With this visually appealing and content-rich packet, students will find clarity in the world that Meursault saw as indifferent, sometimes hostile and often absurd.  $5.00

The purpose of this product is to offer teachers material for an interactive bulletin board that ties in with both "The Stranger Unit Plan" 
The Stranger Unit Plan 
and "Literature PowerPoint - The Stranger"
The Stranger PowerPoint 

E. Literature - The Stranger Bundle
ALbert Camus, The Stranger
Teachers- Albert Camus and his novel, "The Stranger,” will be strangers no more after you share the trio of products in this 98-page bundle with your students. It consists of the 68-page “The Stranger Unit Plan,” the 12-slide “The Stranger PowerPoint,” and the 17-page visual packet, “The Stranger Bulletin Board”. Separately, each of these products offers students the opportunity to strengthen their command of reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing. Together, they create a triple combo learning knockout. Plus, teachers, you can purchase this bundle for the discounted price of $25.00, and enjoy this triple threat in one file. ($25.00)

15. Their Eyes Were Watching God Products
A. Their Eyes Were Watching God Unit Plan
High School Unit Plan Their Eyes Were Watching God
This 48-page unit plan is aligned with the Common Core standards. All of the material is based on Bloom's Taxonomy. This posting includes Teacher Notes, 20+ handouts, essay topics, Individual Projects, a class project and two final tests. I offer a corresponding PowerPoint on this novel on my site, under PowerPoints. I really enjoyed creating this unit as I love teaching this amazing novel. Oh, to create word pictures like Ms. Hurston did! ($19.95)
high school english lesson plans middle school english lesson plans online lesson plans Zora Neale Hurston
B. Their Eyes Were Watching God Journals
These journals assignments can be used for homework or for daily warm-ups during the study of the novel. I use them for the latter because I can assess students' writing skills and reading comprehension. Also, while they are writing, I can take attendance and complete any last minute preparation for the class. ($1.25)
C. Their Eyes Were Watching God Discussion Questions. 
This product offers chapter-by-chapter discussion questions for the novel. I also use these questions for quizzes, by choosing one of the Discussion Questions for the chapter(s)read for homework and having the students develop the topic following the Ten Sentence Format (handout included in the unit plan). ($3.00)
D. Their Eyes Were Watching God: Two Final Tests
This posting has two 100 point tests that check student understanding of the novel. The first, assesses students' understanding with: Character Identification, Fill in the Blank, Citation Identification and Short Answer questions. The second evaluates their knowledge with: Character Matching, True and False, Multiple Choice, Quotation Identification and short answer questions. Answer keys for both tests are included. ($3.00)

16. Unit Plan-Neverhome(Laird Hunt)

Neverhome Unit Plan
This 103-page Unit Plan-Neverhome provides a plethora of teacher notes, activities and assessments that enable students to ~deepen their reading comprehension and their understanding of the Civil War and its impact on contemporary society.  ~grasp the fact that what happens in the past always impacts the future  ~ strengthen their writing depth and their higher level thinking skills, and, to ~ create lifelong readers and learners.Check out the 6-page Preview for packet details and images.   ($22.95)