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Language Arts Activity - Review It!

Language Arts Activity - Review It! cover
Students love to share their opinions about anything school, family, friends (and foes), community and world related. Review It! - a lesson plan for Middle and High School students - offers them the opportunity to develop their reasoning and logic skills as they write a review for a book that they have just finished studying in class. 

Best of all, they share their opinions with the world by publishing this piece on the book's page on or 

In this language arts lesson, students will show their understanding of the elements of literature as they analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the story as well as the piece’s intent and whether or not it met this purpose. They will choose direct and indirect citations from the story to support their points. 

Review It! should be introduced after students have completed the reading. This activity enables students in grades 6-12 to exhibit their range of thinking skills from knowledge through evaluation. Their writing will demonstrate their understanding of all aspects of the elements of literature as well as their analytic and critical-thinking skills.

This packet includes:
A. 6 reviews from - 2 each for The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Divergent (Veronica Roth) and Twilight (Stephenie Meyer)- for students to read, analyze and discuss
B. A Review Check List to use for the discussion of the Amazon reviews and for their original writing.
C. The Review It! handout that details the directions for this activity as well as the points that students must cover in their reviews.
Language Arts Activity - Review It!
Language Arts Activity - Review It!

Review It! offers Middle and High School students an opportunity to practice how to share their opinions through effective analysis.

Download this activity that promotes strong reading comprehension, writing and higher level thinking skills from

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