Monday, May 4, 2015

A Task Card Basket Blooming with Reading, Vocabulary/Writing and Punctuation Activities

December, March and May can be the three toughest months to reel in students’ attention due to the Too Little and Too Much Flu. The main symptoms of this illness are: Too Little desire to learn, Too Little concentration and Too Much lethargy.

In May, though, another ingredient-Too Much testing crowns this month as the most frustrating for teachers.  Between A.P. and state Standards of Learning exams, students’ class attendance is spotty, and their desire to participate in lessons and activities has been sapped by preparing for Multiple Choice tests and writing to a prompt.

Lesson plan continuity endures a major blow although teachers still want and need to teach and students still need to add to their learning homes.

These three sets of Task Cards will alleviate teachers’ frustration and stress while reviving students’ motivation, concentration and attention and creating strong foundations of learning. 

Reading Comprehension - Literature Task Cards
Reading Comprehension - Literature Task Cards
With this set of Elements of Literature Task Cards, Middle School and High School students will reinforce, review and develop their understanding of a text any time that they need to work on expanding their comprehension/higher thinking skills and /or writing aptitudes.

Each element of literature: Plot/Conflict, Character, Setting, Theme, Symbols, Tone and Point of View as well as a set titled, My Insights, is represented by color-coded task cards that reveal questions which address: Understanding/Remembering, Applying Knowledge, Analyzing Ideas, Evaluating Situations and Characters' Actions. Students will also compose original pieces based on the text(s) that they are reading.

Vocabulary - FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! Task Cards
Vocabulary - FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! Task Cards
Middle School and High School students need to gather words that showcase their verbal and written language instead of relying on texting abbreviations to speak for them. When they understand the nuances of word meanings and usage besides just memorizing them, they will score higher on SAT and other standardized tests. Most importantly, they will be able to clearly communicate their thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and will comprehend what they read and what other people write and say.

FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS! is an 11-page Task Card vocabulary study with 32 individual, pairs, small group and whole class activities. These activities engage students' curiosity, and this inquisitiveness sparks learning because they are motivated  to own the words and not borrow them for a test.

Grammar - PUNCTUATION RULES! Task Cards & Activities
Grammar - PUNCTUATION RULES! Task Cards & Activities
Between Tweets, Facebook status updates, Pinning,Texting and various other sites limiting characters, students are forgetting how to properly punctuate their longer writing pieces. PUNCTUATION RULES! Task Cards & Activities, enable Middle School and High School students to improve their Language and Writing knowledge and skills.

This 20-page packet includes
~detailed Teacher Notes
~Rules for End Mark Insight, Comma Sense, Colon/Semi-Colon Credibility, Quotation Mark Quality, and Grasping Apostrophes and Dashes
~8 Task Cards for each of these 5 categories
~1 Task Cards-Punctuation Review Activity with a Part 2 Writing segment
~Answer Keys for all Task Cards
~2 Alternative Activities: Fill-It-In! a MadLib-type of challenge- with an Answer Key, and Proofreading Pride- a Three-Step Correction Format for students to use with any graded and non-graded writing piece- with specific directions.

All three of these Task Card sets are aligned with Common Core Standards and Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Most importantly, since they are beneficial for individual, small group or whole class study and discussion, for in-class writing and for homework, these task cards are the perfect antidote to the Too Little and Too Much Flu.

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TpT Teacher Appreciation Days Sale- May 5th and 6th

Enjoy a Teach It Now Day - every day.