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Dear Teaching Colleagues,

Anything to do with the teachers, teaching and students is my passion.  I love it when a lesson that I created clicks for students and I see the "AHA! I get it, now!" light in their eyes.  Now that I am retired, I do miss the energy, laughter and excitement that adolescents added to my life. Although I don't miss the apathetic, entitled attitudes, I am ecstatic that I finally have the time to create lessons and activities that will go a long way in evaporating that negativity.

Creating lesson and unit plans with a variety of engaging activities that will reach all types of students, whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners or a combination of these categories, thrills me.  I love the challenge of taking a novel, a concept or a program of studies core and fashioning a lesson that will empower students to read with more understanding, to write with more clarity and to think more with more depth. Mostly, I want my lessons and activities to inspire students  to become lifelong learners.
When crafting my material, I start with the knowledge that a well-paced lesson plan is the backbone of an engaging and successful classroom. On this Teach It Write site, ELA teachers will find creative and thought-provoking high school and middle school lesson plans,  that will hook their students into asking, "More please," when it comes to learning. All  of my lesson plans are based on clear communication, research and structure, and provide teachers and students with activities that are motivational, interactive and substantial.

These comprehensive English Language Arts plans are aligned with the Common Core Standards, Bloom's Taxonomy and the Backwards Design concept. I set the lesson objectives at the onset of planning with a clear understanding of what methods I'll use to assess how well students achieved proficiency. After deciding on those goals, I construct the activities, assignments, projects and assessments that will enable students to meet those challenges. Each lesson follows the three-pronged approach: Show Me-Help Me-Let Me.

Teachers will find that these lesson plans include concrete and higher-thinking skills so students will increase their abilities to Read, Write and Think. Always a believer that if teachers Lesson Up and Teach Write (as well as Right, i.e. reading comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary and thinking skills,) their students will pass any test-on paper or from life.  Each middle and high school English/Language Arts lesson plan that I offer promotes proficiency in these areas as well as in critical thinking and analyzing skills.

All of my teaching ideas, lessons, my book and my products (free and priced) are just a click away with my Quick Link page.
 All lesson plans are based on: clear communication, research and structure, and on providing teachers and students with activities that are motivational, interactive and substantial.

These comprehensive English Language Arts plans are aligned with the Common Core Standards, 

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Print this graphic and keep it handy for times when you need a lesson plan and/or an activity, but don't have the minutes to search the Internet for the one that will meet your objectives and your students' needs.

Any of the lessons offered on http://teachitwrite.blogspot.com, on www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Connie, or on www.teachitwrite.com will empower your students to build resilient academic homes.

Happy Teaching!



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