Sunday, July 22, 2018

CLASS MATTERS is Launched!

Just in time to be ready for a new year, but still kick back and enjoy summer.  Check it out!

Class Matters: Planning, Teaching and Managing Secondary Classrooms

CLASS MATTERS: Planning, Teaching, and Managing Secondary Classes includes handouts and printables to meet teachers' wants and needs in these three focus areas, and also offers posts that suggest how, when and why the various  focuses will be most useful to them.  Although some of the information here is self-explanatory to rookie and veteran teachers, other ideas become clearer with short discussions. And sometimes …sometimes we just need a heads-up on how to use a new item-especially during Teacher Week because of all of the meetings- when we just. don’t. have. a. free. brain. cell. to. think. about. it.

This 100-page teacher resource bundle is divided into sections: PLANNING, TEACHING, and MANAGING CLASS MATTERS. Within each segment I have interspersed blogs to show teachers how to efficiently create flexible lesson plans, classroom rules, and behavior standards. Numerous teaching ideas, handouts and classroom management forms will meet many of your wants and needs in ONE PLACE to save you searching time. In the final pages, I invite you to take a break from all of your planning and organizing, and to kick back and relax with two posts: A Labor Day Lesson: A Contemporary Tale, and In Defense of Teenagers.

This bundle includes Freebies and paid products from my TpT Store, posts from my website, and many new ideas and printables. Here is a summary of the planning, teaching and managing secondary classrooms that comprise this 100-page teacher resource:

PLANNING pages 3-22
·        Let's Begin- Classmart Lifesaver List
·        When Planning- The Rule of Three Rules
·        Plan Up! Getting Started
·        Common Core Anchor Charts Grades 6-12
·        Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel
·        Class Matters- Keeping Track: Assignments Form
·        Class Matters-Keeping Track: Grades Form
·        Plan Up! Creating the Agenda (Using Animal Farm, George Orwell)
ü  Teacher Notes
ü  Student Calendar-Animal Farm
ü  Unit Structure Sample Form
ü  Unit Structure-Blank Form
ü  Unit Structure Activities Plan-Blank Form
ü  Response Letters: Alternative Animal Farm Activity
TEACHING IDEAS pages 23-55
·        Quartet of Ideas – 4 Freebies from my TpT Store
ü  Ten Sentence Format
ü  Analyzing Novels using the Elements of Literature
ü  Reel in Readers with Magnetizing Hooks
ü  Just say, NO!" to Dull Writing
·        First Day Activities- 3 Freebies from my TpT Store
ü  First Day Writing Assignment
ü  First Day Activity- Four Corners
ü  Writing Activities (First Day)- What About Me?
·        Friday Night Lights- Hook Students with a football and fall Non-fiction Unit
·        Teaching Ideas- Teaching Tip #1
·        Teaching Ideas- Teaching Tip#2
MANAGING CLASS MATTERS- Proactive Prevails pages 56-93
·        Five Teaching Tips That Eliminate Classroom Chaos
·        Managing Student Behavior: Obligations & Expectations
·        Managing Student Behavior: Alleviating Off-Task Behavior
ü  UhOh Bag
ü  UhOh Bag Writing Consequence Form
ü  General Incident/Consequence Form
·        Managing Classroom Behavior: Proactive Prevails: 3 Teacher Survival Lessons
·        Managing Class Matters: Form, Function and Flexibility
ü  Getting to Know You: A Teacher's Back To School Assortment of First day Forms and Activities
ü  Teaching Lifesavers: Twelve Classroom Management Forms
1.      Lesson Launch: Writing Warm-Ups (Teachers)
2.      Lesson Launch: Writing Warm-Ups (Students)
3.      Honor Statements
4.      Book Sign-Up Sheets
5.      General Essay Grading Rubric
6.      Late Homework Request
7.      Tardy Sign-In Sheet
8.      Restroom Pass
9.      Hall Pass
10.   Completed Assignments/Graded Assignments Folders
11.   Incident Form
12.   Closure: Exit Pass
·       Class Matters: Oh No! I Need a Sub
Relax and Enjoy-Two Posts
·        A Labor Day Lesson- A Contemporary Tale
·        In defense of Teenagers

Class Matters: Planning, Teaching, and Managing Secondary Classrooms

I sincerely hope that you are thrilled with these PLANNING,TEACHING and MANAGING CLASS MATTERS posts and printables. For more ideas, check out my products for the basic secondary English curriculum as well as for two of the most important electives –in my opinion- journalism and creative writing in my TpT Store -  Store/Connie. 


Enjoy a Teach It Now Day Every Day,


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