Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies - Grades 7-12 Edition

2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies  cover
What do grades 7-12 teachers need more than anything these last few weeks before Winter Vacation?
A. Sleep
B. Chocolate
C. Coffee/Tea
D. Teaching Tips and Free Activities
E. Time
F. Some of the Above (Specify)
G. None of the Above
H. All of the Above

I would imagine that the vast majority of teachers would choose: H. All of the Above. Many a year, I remember wishing that when I opened the door of Room 216, the Santa Claus of teachers would have visited the night before and left choices A-D on my desk (With C in a covered, thermal mug).
If this magical event happened, choice D. Teaching Tips and Free Activities would assure me that my December days would be filled with on-task adolescents instead of hyper teens bouncing off the classroom walls in anticipation of a few school-free weeks. And my evenings and weekends?  They would be free for me to complete my holiday Have-To list with smiles instead of frowns.

Knowing that our colleagues still in the trenches needed a quality holiday gift, some TpT sellers organized four Holiday Ebooks and asked for TpT sellers to each contribute a page that included a free activity and a teaching tip. Here is the outstanding 2013 Winter Tips and Freebies Grades 7-12 book, thanks to its awesome editor, Addie Williams.

Whether you need Art, English, Foreign Language (Spanish), Math, Music, Science or Social Studies lessons, you will find them in this 53-page Ebook.  Download this incredible FREEBIE from Although many of the activities are winter and holiday related, teachers can adapt most of the Teaching Tips  for lessons throughout the year. What a bonus that is!

Kudos to the hardworking editors who divided the Ebooks into four grade levels:

Ebook 1    PreK-K    Krissy Minor
Ebook 2    1-2            Hilary Lewis
Ebook 3    3-6            Rachel Lynette
Ebook 4    7-12          Addie Williams

Grade 7-12 teachers, like all of your colleagues leading classrooms, you deserve the gift of time- time for yourself instead of for planning lessons or completing other professional duties.  Do not delay- download  the 2013 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies - Grades 7-12 today  You can find my free activity and teaching tip is on page 13.

And to all: Happy Holidays and Winter Vacation.

Happy Teaching,

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