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Language Arts Lessons - Everyday People A Trio of Comprehension Activities

Language Arts Lessons - Everyday People A Trio of Comprehension Activities
The characters in fiction are everyday people, aren't they? That's what Middle and High School students will determine in these three comprehension lessons.
This trio of activities will add depth to students' comprehension as they analyze a stories. Here, they will examine characters for round, flat, dynamic and static qualities, as well as for the impact of characters on the Plot/Conflict.

For Background Check, students mesh the information that they gather on a character from their reading with their understanding of the jobs offered during the time period of the story, or for the criteria colleges require for admission. This career choice depends on the character's age.

Everyday People - Background Check
Background Check  Directions: The character of your choice is applying for a job, or for acceptance to college - depending on his or her age. As the person in charge of investigating the character, your mission is to compile a dossier (portfolio) on him/her. Complete the following information, place everything in a folder with pockets, and turn it in on the due date.

The other two, What's My Title? and Fishing for Answers, require students to choose various plot situations, and then to analyze the character's actions and reactions on his or her main objective in the story, on the other individuals involved in the situation, and on the conflict.

 What's My Title? Directions: Choose five of the Rising Action situations, summarize each one, and then create a title for each that reveals the Main Idea of the event.  Next, explain your reasoning for the title that you chose.

Fishing for Answers Directions: Each of you will choose a situation from the story that hooks the character(s) in this action to the conflict. Select one of the characters to evaluate, and then respond to each of the points on this handout. You will have ten minutes to present your points and to support them. When time is up, each of you will stand and present the situation and your responses.

Everyday People - What's My Title?
Everyday People - Fishing for Answers

This tantalizing trio empowers students to add depth and understanding to their comprehension homes. Each of these English Language Arts lesson plans is aligned with Common Core Standards as well as Bloom's Taxonomy. This posting also contains detailed Teacher Notes.

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