Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Check out this Go-To Resource for Teaching Candidates, Rookies and Veterans

Teaching jobs can be few and far between, depending on your certificate endorsements and where you wish to hang your real or digital gradebook. 

Whether you are a candidate for a teaching position, a rookie or a veteran teacher, some advice from a colleague who has spent years in the classroom trenches, leading students to the academic  trough with engaging and strong activities and lessons can always be inspiring.

Marjan Glavac, who created and publishes the fantastic The Busy Educator Newsletter - Friday, has  a terrific resource for anyone looking for a teaching job - no matter if this if you are searching for your first classroom position ar looking for new experiences. 

He offers:
  •  three free full-length teacher training videos, 
  • a free resource sheet explaining two strategies in detail to answer the classroom management interview question  and
  •  a download for a special report- 110 Teacher Interview QuestionsThis report practically covers every question a candidate is going to be asked in a teacher interview.
These resources are available without any signup pages from

While checking out Mr. Glavac's helpful teacher training information, read a few of the engaging articles, lesson plans, videos, Ed. Chats and so much more that he posts in  

After that, why not share some of your lessons, ideas and thoughts about education for The Busy Educator? To do this, Email Mr. Glavac at

Whether you are searching for tips to land your first contract or to find a new place to teach, are browsing for new lessons, want to share your own activities or just want to read about what's up in the education field, gift yourself with the weekly The Busy Educator Newsletter

Happy Teaching,

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