Monday, May 7, 2018

Teachers can and do, and do, and do!

Tomorrow, May 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Better than that, some places celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week from May 7th-11th. My former school district chooses to honor their teachers with a full week of goodies. That makes my colleagues still leading classrooms very happy.
In appreciation for all that teachers can do and choose to do, and do, and do, here is an alphabetic listing of just a few of the people who enable us to enjoy lives that are healthier, happier, safer and enriched.

Athletes; Air conditioning and Heating service people; Air Traffic Controllers; Artists; Architects; Accountants; Administrative Assistants; Auto Mechanics
Bookeepers; Bakers; Butchers
Chefs; Caterers; Counselors; Clergy; Computer engineers, analysts an programmers; Curriculum designers; Construction managers and workers; Chauffeurs
Doctors; Dentists; Dairy farmers; Dieticians; Database administrators
Engineers; Electricians; Estheticians; Epidemiologists; Exterminators (insects and rodents)
Fire personnel; Financial advisors; Farmers
Geologists; Gynecologists; Geneticists;
Historians; Home designers; House decorators; Hair stylists; Human resources specialist;
Intelligence and counter-intelligence personnel; Internists; Information Security Analysts; Insurance agents
Judges; Journalists; Janitors; Jewelers; Jockeys
Keyboard operators;  Kiln builders and operators; Kitchen supervisors
Lifeguards; Lawyers; Laboratory technicians
Musicians; Military men and women; Mathematicians; Meteorologists; Marketing researchers and analysts; Manicurists; Maintenance workers 
Nurses; Nutritionists
Obstetricians; Ophthalmologists; Opticians; Occupational Therapists
Pilots; Police; Professors; Physicists; Psychologists, Psychiatrists; Physical Therapists; Physician Assistants; Pharmacists; Plumber; Paramedics; Principals
Quality Control personnel; Quilters
Ranchers; Respiratory Therapists; Real Estate agents; Receptionists; Restaurant servers
Software developers; Scientists; Social Workers; Statisticians; Speech Therapists
Thespians; Teachers; Technology specialists; Taxi drivers
Urologists; Underwriters; Upholsters; Utility workers
Veterinarians; Vacuum Cleaner service people; Van drivers
Writers; Web developers
X-Ray Technicians
Yacht designers and builders

And the list goes on, and on and on.

What do all of these professions and careers have in common?  They include people who do what they do because teachers taught them how to read, write, add and subtract, speak various languages, compute, invent, createthink, reasonanalyze, try and try again, and then do.

Teachers Appreciation  celebrations be they a Day or a Week remind us to thank teachers for all that they can do, and all that they choose to do, so that we can successfully do what we do. What an awesome profession!

Thank you, Teachers!!!

Enjoy a Teach It Now Day Every Day

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