Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh, for the Love of Words!

Oh, for the Love of Words!
Last night, (9/9/2013) I found myself thinking about the “Vocabulary Words: Twelve Months of Lists” (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Vocabulary-Twelve-Months-of-Lists-867523) product that I had posted in my TpT store that afternoon, and I realized that I needed to explain why I chose only 20 words for each month’s list. Some teachers might desire 20 words per week, after all.

When I was in the classroom, I would sometimes give students a Word of the Day in lieu of a weekly vocabulary list. That is how I created the original twelve word lists. Here are 12 more! As before, each list is composed of 20 words with definitions and their parts of speech. After a while, I, too, wanted to offer students Bi-weekly lists; that’s how all 24 lists came into existence. On a roll, the next year I added  my 32 lists (15 words each list) to the original 24. These 32 lists compose my
“Vocabulary SAT Word Lists and Quizzes.”  (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Vocabulary-SAT-Word-Lists-and-Quizzes-480-words-2640) and you have 56 weeks of words. That is 960 words!

The thirty writing ideas included in yesterday’s TpT posting (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Vocabulary-Twelve-Months-of-Lists-867523) work with these list, too, of course. As I mentioned, these ideas have been utilized in other blogs of mine, too, such as:http://teachitwrite.blogspot.com/2013/03/amplified-vocabulary-lessons-when-words.html
More ideas for helping students make these words an active part of their speaking and writing repertoires can be found on:http://teachitwrite.blogspot.com/2013/04/word-up-with-power-of-words.html, and my latest post featuring vocabulary ideas: http://teachitwrite.blogspot.com/2013/09/wordle-me-this.html.
If you are interested I have created word clouds for each of the “Vocabulary SAT Word Lists and Quizzes (480 words)” (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Vocabulary-Word-Clouds-for-SAT-Lists-1-32-156453)

Now you can challenge your  students to add to their vocabulary knowledge weekly, bi-weekly or
Oh, for the Love of Words!

Yes, my activities have usually been FREE and these 24 word lists aren't. That's because choosing 480 words, narrowing their definitions to fit onto a table that takes up half a page yet still make sense is time-consuming for me, as I am still in the technology learning stages. As always, my goal is to make your planning and teaching lives less stressful with my classroom tested, tweaked activities.  Rest assured that the vast majority of my posts here will include FREE ACTIVITIES..


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