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Language Arts Activity - Fiction's Physique

Readers enjoy rating the books that they read whether this analysis occurs in their heads, on line, with a friend or in book group discussions.

Language Arts Activity - Fiction's Physique
This English Language Arts activity- Fiction's Physique- enables Middle and High School students to develop their comprehension and reasoning skills as they show- in writing and orally- a story's buff or flabby qualities.

Teachers should offer this lesson after students have finished reading the story. When they have completed this activity, students will reveal the buffness of their thinking skills from knowledge through evaluation.

This activity allows them to show their understanding of all aspects of the Elements of Strong Fiction as well as their comprehension of the various aspects of the story.
Here is the How the lesson should be taught from the Teacher Notes:

·         Introduce the activity by reviewing each Element of Strong Fiction (Vivid Details, Depth of Character, Descriptive Settings, Captivating Plots, Realistic Dialogue, Unpredictability, Originality, Emotions, Believable Endings and Purpose).
1.       Before class, write each of the ten elements on the board, leaving space for student responses.
2.       Give each student a card with one of the ten elements written on it.
3.       Allot them five minutes to find an example of their element and to write it on the board under the corresponding topic.
4.       Discuss the answers
·         Review the activity’s directions by reading them orally and then checking for understanding.
·         Give students time in class to work on this activity.  Suggestion- 30 to 45 minutes, depending on their skills and abilities.
·          Students may either finish this activity in class the next day or as a homework assignment. Teachers choose their desired option, depending on their students’ skills and abilities and their objective(s) for the activity.
·         The day that the activity is due, write the elements of strong fiction on the board again, randomly assign each student two topics, and then ask them to write one of their examples under each of their assigned elements.
·         Alternate Lesson: divide students into pairs or trios. Give them class time to complete this activity, instructing them to divide up the elements as they choose. Follow the previous bullet for sharing.
·          Each student must complete the Fitness Analysis segment.
Language Arts Activity - Fiction's Physique
 Language Arts Activity - Fiction's Physique

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