Sunday, July 7, 2013

Carry-ons are Free on this Lesson Up Express

Somehow, I must have deleted this post (highly possible), or maybe  the infamous Mr. Big Bad Wolf from my teacher resource,  The House of Comprehension, ate it so teachers wouldn't have it to help their students build strong comprehension homes.  Whatever happened, I am re-posting it because it has been a top download in my Teachers pay Teachers store earning a 4.0 rating and a popular Pin on Pinterest.  Enjoy.

Other than hairstyle, few items show more about a character than the clothes someone chooses to wear and his/her accessories. This FREE activity not only focuses on the type of purse/attaché case/tote/ backpack, etc. that a character would choose, but also on the items a person would keep in it.

After brainstorming what type of accessory celebrities would choose, as well as what items to store in it, students will do the same for their teacher-assigned character.

Note: This makes an engaging end-of-the-year  or start-of-the-year activity.  Ask students to choose a character from any of the literature that they have read in the present or a past school term. For assessment purposes, the amount of depth that students reveal in completing this activity shows how much lesson time you will need to spend on increasing their character comprehension proficiency.

For either of these activities, it doesn't matter if a character is assigned more than once. In fact, the explanations students write for repeat character choices will really show their interpretive, analytic and critical thinking skill levels.

This Common Core Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy aligned plan includes detailed Teacher Notes. Adolescents understand how accessories play a major role in defining a person. They will have fun showing their understanding of a character's personality, values, and interests in this captivating activity.

Download this FREEBIE from:

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