Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting to Know You: A Teacher’s Back To School Assortment of First Day Forms and Activities

MMiddle and High School Teachers-Back to School Forms and Activities
What? A Back to School product now, when Summer just began?

Why not? This is the BEST time to check off an item on your "Have To Do Before the First Day" list.

Enjoy Summer's lazy, hazy days by deleting one less task to think about right now. Even if you plan that ideas for these forms and activities will perch on a shelf in your brain until the week you unlock your classroom door, or right before then, you know they will crop up like poison ivy and become an itch you feel you need to scratch when you should be relaxing and recharging.

Let this Secondary ELA product soothe that irritant. It offers you:

1. A "Student Information Sheet" with spaces for any student and parent contact information, the student's class schedule and a space for signatures that acknowledge parents, students and your understanding of the syllabus.

2. A "Parent Contact Record" for those times that you need or want to touch base with parents. I always liked to call home when a student did an awesome job completing and assignment, improved in a goal area or was a positive influence in class, as well as when I had to call for negative behavior or academic issues.
3. "What About Me? (Teacher Copy)" and "What About Me? (Student Copy)" allow students and teachers to point out what turns them on and off about class, with space to add some personal information.
4. The "Parents' Perspective Survey" allows parents a chance to discuss their child's strengths and problematic areas in English as well as in regard to any behavioral areas that might negatively affect the young person's academic success.
Student InformationParents' Perspective Survey

5. The What's in My Name Collage projects present students with a chance to

show their personal selves. Here, they reveal themselves-in pictures and words-in a collage using the first letter of their first name  as the foundation. Also,this project does double duty because it forms your Back     to School bulletin board.
"What's in My Name Collage Project"

Download this Secondary ELA packet from:

This assortment is just a start on other back to school projects I plan to add to my store. Consider these FREE half dozen forms and activities as my present to you for the awesome year you just gave your students.

Enjoy a fabulous summer. You deserve it!

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