Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Think It and Link It

Although I am going on a day adventure in an hour, I didn't want to miss presenting  a Tuesday-Elements of Literature Day blog and FREE coordinating activity for you all to enjoy.

We educators are always searching for engaging, sound and practical activities to check our students' levels of comprehension-the KEY ability behind any learning, no matter the subject area. Here is a Common Core
Middle and High School ELA Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan
and Bloom's Taxonomy aligned FREE activity for ELA teachers. Through this activity, students show their understanding of a reading assignment by listing their thoughts, opinions and comments for three categories: Observations, Wonderings and Connections.

Students will write literal and inferential comprehension statements, ask questions about textual issues or vocabulary that caused them confusion, and will connect content with examples from television, movies, theater, music and art that share the same experiences, thoughts and feelings the author revealed. This lesson allows students to exhibit their understanding of all aspects of the elements of literature as well as their grasp of analytic and critical-thinking skills.

Middle and High School ELA Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan

No matter the text- fiction or nonfiction- teachers can use this activity any time that they want to check their students' understanding. After they see and hear (students have a speaking component to meet) their charges' thoughts, feelings and comments on the selected reading assignment, they can choose activities that meet various student needs and which help the young people to build durable houses of comprehension.

Think It and Link It provides the KEY that will unlock the focus of the students' reading, resulting in an across-the-classroom, "Aha! Now I get it," response. Download this FREEBIE from http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Activity-Think-It-and-Link-It-716987. A full page of Teacher Notes details the Common Core Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy thinking skills met. Also, the Who, What, When, Why and How to teach this lesson is included.
Middle and High School ELA Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan

What are your favorite lessons for checking and building your students reading comprehension? Please share them here and/or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeachitWriteOnlineLessonPlans.

Happy Teaching,

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