Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Bonanza

Back to School Bonanza Blog Hop

Today is the day for the fantastic Back to School Bonanza featuring a cornucopia of lesson  and classroom management ideas to inspire Middle School  teachers and to engage their students. In this Blog Hop, you all will have a chance to click on the logos of 16 top middle school bloggers and pick up a FREE Back to School product from each of them. Click on their buttons at the bottom of this post.

Also, you must enter an amazing guiveaway for a Back To School Survivor Pack. Be sure to click on the pink-backed poster at the end of this post. Pretty awesome, isn't it?  While browsing the various teacher/bloggers' sites, do some shopping for the rest of your lesson plan needs, too.

Our purpose is to insure that you start the school year with an, "Ahhh," and not an, "UhOh".

Who: Teachers- grades 6-9
What: Back to School Blog Hop
When: August 16th 12:00 midnight starting time
Where: See the fantastic poster Kristy MacKenzie created (stay tuned-coming soon)
Why: To give our teaching colleagues a bag full of Back to School goodies

Although I have blogged about this item before, I have gotten such a terrific response to this product, that I am adding it as my FREEBIE to this Blog Hop. So once again, by popular demand, here is Teaching Lifesavers: Twelve Classroom Management Forms.
Back to School Bonanza

Knowing that behavior issues would be stymied with good classroom management, over the years, I created, revised, tweaked and revised again (and again) these twelve forms in an effort to help me organize and manage my classroom. My main objective was to create a safe and exciting learning environment. In order to accomplish this goal, I knew that I had to thwart disruptive student behavior before it even began, and to ward off encounters of the negative kind with administrators. I offer them to you all who are still leading classrooms. Note: If your school district has forms that they require teachers to use that coincide with various policies, use them, of course. If they don’t, download this packet, “Get thee to the copy room, “ (Sorry Shakespeare, no nunneries here), and in a few minutes you will be ready for whatever left hooks the year might toss your way.

The Twelve Forms Include:

  1. Lesson Launch: Writing Warm-Ups (Teachers)
  2. Lesson Launch: Writin Warm-Ups (Students)
  3. Honor Statements
  4. Book Sign-Up Sheets
  5. General Essay Grading Rubric
  6. Oral Presentation Rubric
  7. Late Homework Request
  8. Tardy Sign-In Sheet
  9. Restroom Pass
  10. Hall Pass
  11. Completed Assignments/Graded Assignments Folders
  12. Incident Form
  13. Closure: Exit Pass

Most of these forms are self-explanatory, but here are a few clarifications:
All Forms: In your desk or file cabinet, have a folder for each of these forms: blank ones as well as those you have used in class. The latter is very important for your personal well-being, but also for those times when you need information to take to a parent/student conference.
Tardy Sign-In Sheet: I stapled these together and kept them on a small table right by the classroom door along with a pencil. After a few reminders the first week of school, students knew that they had to stop and sign-in if they arrived to class after the late bell. Each week, I flipped to a new sheet. Every grading period, I put the stapled sheets in a Tardy Sign-In Sheets folder so I could have it handy when I finalized the grades, or if I had to contact parents – whatever was necessary to meet the school’s policy.

Except for the Lesson Launch examples, this packet is for all subjects. Teachers can adapt the Lesson Launch idea to their subject areas. Download it from:

Enjoy a terrific Blog Hop. What a fantastic way to add engaging lessons to you Repertoire Bag.

Happy Teaching,

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