Monday, August 26, 2013

This is What I'm Hungry For!

This is What I'm Hungry For! Cover
The elements of literature and story structure are like spaghetti and meatballs.  Yes, each component can exist without the other, but when they do, patrons push themselves away from the table wondering, “Is that all there is?” Although they might be full, they still feel unsatisfied-like they are missing something.
They are. “Where is the spice?  Can I get some substance here?” they cry out to the chefs.  Piecemeal lesson planning can leave students hungry for substance, too. As chefs of the classroom, teachers must ensure that each novel unit offers students a full course meal. The elements of literature form the structure of this classroom menu; the individual lessons-with each one based on one of the elements: Character, Plot/Conflict, Setting, Theme, Symbols, Tone/Language and Point of View-offers one of the courses: Appetizer, Breads, Soup, Salad, Entrée, Sides, and Dessert.

Trying to fit all of the elements into one lesson results in a tasting menu situation.  Each one is
This is What I'm Hungry For! Teacher Notes
glossed over instead of savored for its meaning and nuance. Instead, teachers need to spread the elements throughout the length of the unit, returning to explore those that need more clarity and explanation as they note their students’ knowledge and understanding.

Today’s teaching idea, This is What I’m Talking About! Thirty Discussion/Writing Topics for Literature

·         offers instructors thirty activities- a genuine buffet that will engage students in their exploration of the elements of literature

·         proposes three ways they may incorporate these topics into their literature studies-individually, in pairs or in small groups

·         ensures that students will think, write and speak, often

·         empowers students to add depth and dimension to their comprehension of any text, and

·         can be used over and over throughout the school year. 
This is What I'm Hungry For!  Elements of Literature Topics

If you are hungry for a complete meal instead of a snack, download this Common Core and Bloom’s Taxonomy aligned product for grades 6-12 from:

UPDATE: This activity became a part of the February Frenzy packet in February 2014. It joined hands with four other activities for a "Fabulous Five" packet.

Happy Teaching and Bon Appetite,

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