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ELA Activities and Assessments :Novel Necessities

Novel Necessities Cover
With all of the demands on you these days, sometimes a few warm-ups for a novel, or a generic list of projects that will fit any text will spark a, “Phew!  I needed that!” respite during a stressful day.  Many school districts ask you to re-test any student who earned less than a on an assessment for comprehension mastery. In these cases, an extra, ready-to-print test will serve the purpose. You may use the three tests in this packet as the main assessment or an alternative one. Let them fit your needs.

The material in these activities offers you a variety of uses. Although the various Warm-Up topics are endemic to the unit specified on the top of each one’s page, you can use them as: warm-ups, for a quick short answer quiz or for a full-length essay. The Individual Novel Projects may be applied to any book-fiction or narrative non-fiction. A few can be adjusted to become group projects, too. At first glance, the Othello projects seem to fit only that play. A closer look, though, reveals that by deleting the names of the characters developed in this play and inserting those of the protagonist, antagonist or any other person from another book, you have ten more project ideas to add to your repertoire.

All you have to do to adapt the Dialogue Writing Project is to once again change the names of the
Individual Novel Projects
characters that students are to use, and adjust Point 3 to fit your book’s philosophical stance.

The FREE material in this packet fits: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Into the Wild, Night, Othello, and The Stranger.

All of the activities enable students to develop their understanding of the elements of literature and to see how these modules intertwine to help them build solid comprehension homes.

Give yourselves some well-deserved Rest and Relaxation time. Download this packet from my Teachers pay Teachers Store:

Note:  All of this material is included in my complete unit plan for each book. I created the Night Warm-Ups from the quizzes in the unit.Here, the Individual Novel Projects are for any book, but many of them are included in the unit plan for each book.  There, they are novel-specific. Look in my Novel Ideas custom category in my TpT Store for the complete units.

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