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Language Arts Activities - "Writing About Reading"

Writing About Reading

Language Arts Activity - "Writing About Reading
A folder that we teachers love to feed is the one where we collect topics for writing about reading.  We can never have too many ideas to students to write when their brain isn't sparking any thoughts, or when we want them to write to a prompt. My newest set of activities,Writing About Reading, offers teachers two new activities

  Language Arts Activities - Writing About ReadingLanguage Arts Activities - Writing About ReadingLanguage Arts Activities - Writing About Reading

  1. "Quotation Journals: What did the character say?  What did the character mean?" Note: this is terrific for nonfiction pieces as students can explore the author's point of view, tone, etc., and
  2. Writing Journal Topics  Note: 30 writing ideas.

Language Arts Activities - Writing About Reading
As with the majority of my product, a Teacher Notes page details the Common Core Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy objectives that apply to this packet. It also explains What is being taught, WhenWhy and How regarding Writing About Reading.

Students can use these for Warm-Up writing, after a discussion to reveal their understanding, for a short answer assessment (the teacher selects a topic), for a small group discussion, for a, "Who Said That?" quotation review game, as a class closure assignment, for homework, or for whatever teachers think would fit the needs and abilities of their students.

When students have the chance to Read text, to Think about it, to Write about it and then to Speak about what they read and wrote, they will remember so much more about what they are studying. At the same home run!

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