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Language Arts Activity – “C’mon in to My House”

C’mon in to My House

Language Arts Activity – “C’mon in to My House” cover
Every house has a story. Every student has a number of  stories. In Part 1 of this product, Language Arts Activity – “C’mon in to My House,” students will relate the details of one situation that took place in their current home, or another where they have lived. They will use the elements of literature to guide their thinking and writing.  After this, they will analyze how these elements form the framework of a family and their home.

In Part 2, students will follow the same directions, but this time, with a character from the story that they are studying. At the end of this segment of the activity, students will analyze how all of the elements work together to build a story’s structure, just like they work together to compose a family and their home.

For each segment of this activity, students will also draw the floorplan for the homes that serves as the setting for that part, and will include the characters that played a part in the situation. They should add any other embellishments that they feel are integral to the situation, and which help illustrate their summaries.

Language Arts Activity – “C’mon in to My House”
Language Arts Activity – “C’mon in to My House”

This activity requires students to touch on each of the five parts of the Bloom’s Taxonomy wheel: Remember/Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create. It is also aligned with Common Core Standards, which may be adapted to a state’s specific standards.

After they complete this activity, students will understand, and be able to discuss how the composition of their family and home, and  the framework of a story are connected by the elements of literature.

As always, a Teacher Notes page that provides the Common Core and Bloom's Taxonomy standards and includes the What, When, Why and How to Teach details is included.

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